What We Propose

All our policies are geared towards making Scotland a more prosperous, ambitious, fair and forward looking country. They are about giving as many Scots as possible the opportunities they need to achieve better lives for themselves and their families.  We firmly believe that Scotland will be better served as a strong and proactive member of the United Kingdom.  

Six Key Priorities

A New Style of Government

Westminster is in need of major reforms, some of which should also be applied to the Scottish Parliament. The gap between politicians and those they serve has become too great.  The electorate is continually being bribed with its own money whilst an enormous burden of debt is being accumulated.  The Scottish Progressives support the Campaign for a Free Parliament which is calling for an extensive range of structural reforms.   

A Simplified Political System

Scots would have one Member of Parliament instead of three.  There would be one MSP for each of the 73 Scottish constituencies instead of the 129 MSPs and 59 MPs at present.  However, they would work in both the Holyrood and Westminster parliaments.  Localism would cut their responsibilities and their output would be refined by a non-political revising chamber.  This would drive up the standard of our MPs and once more allow us to give them our trust and respect 

An Affordable Public Sector

Scottish Progressives would repace bloated and inefficient bureaucracy with enthusiastic stakeholders. Our town halls were once run highly efficiently on a voluntary basis, the rot set in when we began paying councillors.  We would give people much more control over their own area by allowing local decisions to be made by local people.  Our massive public sector funded by high levels of taxation and constant borrowing is rapidly strangling enterprise and leading us towards bankruptcy.  

A Pupil Led Education System

Eliminate the gap between rich and poor by providing means tested school vouchers for all. More choice, more competition and better results.  Once again this is a well established and successful system that has been denied to the Scottish people by political dogma and electioneering.

Patient Led Healthcare

State funded health insurance would give everyone to access the best available healthcare, quickly and free at the point of delivery.  Our cars are better protected than our bodies as they have to be insured by law.  The NHS in its present form is no longer fit for purpose and its shortcomings are not limited to Mid-Staffordshire where over one thousand people died needlessly in shocking conditions.  The solutions are out there, we just need to open our minds to them.

Business Led Enterprise.

Entrepreneurs and business people know best how to succeed by providing high quality goods and services.  They have been promised a bonfire of red tape for years but the situation gets steadily worse. The Scottish Progressives have identified many regulations such as CE Marking, the Working Time Directive, Driver CPC and Meat & Livestock Commission Directives that cause endless problems and which should be scrapped immediately.

Repairing our Split Society.

In Scotland today many are left behind.  We are fast creating a lost generation of young people unable to get a decent education, a job or a home of their own.  It is up to the individual to make their own way in life, however, how can we expect them to succeed if we fail to give them the means?  The best possible education is an absolute must but the state sector has become a battleground between interfering politicians and powerful unions.  We must put politics to the side and do what is best for our children.

Making Holyrood a Useful Institution Rather Than a Political Battlefield.

It is painfully obvious that the present system is not fit for purpose.  MSPs fight childish battles, there is no effective opposition and a wedge has been driven between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our parliament only operates for one-and-a-half days per week and has no say on issues of national importance.  We propose combining the roles of MSPs and Westminster MPs to create a parliament of 73 Members who would divide their time between Edinburgh and Westminster. We also propose the introduction of a second chamber which would be non-political.  Its members would be selected from their constituencies on their record.  Proposing and initiating legislation would remain the function of democratically elected politicians. There is now a serious disconnect between politicians and those who elect them, a revising chamber of people from outside the political bubble would go a long way towards closing this gap.

Reawakening the Scottish Enlightenment

Scottish Progressives support the values of the Scottish Enlightenment – individual liberty, progress, free trade and scientific advancement. These are the values by which Scotland helped to shape the modern world. Under successive governments those values have diminished and the public sector now absorbs more than half of Scotland’s total output. The productive sector is being crippled and individual freedoms are being trampled upon. The well-known social philanthropist, Robert Owen said that “society is a machine to enable the individual” however we have created a society which does just the opposite. The most telling word used today is “they” and we must once again allow people to stand tall within an active civil society so that “they” quickly becomes “we”. Ownership breeds responsibility and self-reliance, two qualities essential for the survival of any civil society.    

The Independence Question

The SNP swept to power in 2011 on a wave of resentment at years of Labour mismanagement and a collapse in the Conservative and Lib-Dem vote.  They did not win on holding a referendum as this was buried in the small print of their manifesto. They have gone on to exploit the global recession with a claim that somehow an independent Scotland would fare better.  They have also played on the undeniable fact that the quality of leadership in Westminster leaves much to be desired.  However, breaking away from the rest of the UK to go it alone in an increasingly troubled world is not the right answer. 

Both England and Scotland encompass many districts, dialects and differences, who is to say where the lines are to be drawn?  Budget airlines and the internet are now shrinking distance and building understanding between different countries and continents. This is an exciting time and not one for recreating ancient borders or opening up new divisions

That said, we believe that Scotland, in common with the rest of the UK, would be a much better place if its people were given more control over their own lives.  Well-educated, self-reliant citizens making informed choices is our ultimate goal.  The status quo, a vast public sector with many dependent on a nanny state is not only unsustainable, it is demeaning and dehumanising as well. 

Our relationship with Europe

What started out as a noble and necessary exercise was quickly commandeered by the political elite to suit their own ends.  However, they should have studied the collapse of previous empires before attempting to build their own.  Horrendously bureaucratic, inefficient, corrupt and undemocratic, the imposition of a common currency was a step too far and the EU is unlikely to survive in its present form for very much longer.  We do believe in a united Europe, but with national sovereignty and local decision making retained.  We support free trade and a fair deal for farming, fishing and business people as well. We will work towards that goal within Europe and beyond.